Orosei: a village to discover

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Orosei or if you prefer to choose your home for rent in Orosei for vacation, certainly you are attracted by this place because of its essence, fully and authentically Sardinian. In fact, unlike what happens in most of the crowded by elite tourism areas, Dessena agency offers a range of apartments and houses dedicated to a niche tourism, composed and very attached to the traditions and the colorful and magical Sardinian folklore. In addition living Orosei will allow you to make a long journey through time. It is a place where you can discover the flavors, colors and scents of the more authentic Sardinia just walking along the streets of the town or discovering its fascinated surroundings.

Giants’ tombs and nuraghe

Orosei will give you the opportunity to experience the spirit of this community of just 7,000 inhabitants. The town is nourished by the artistic beauty typical of the village. There are churches, dating back about 1,100, and this beauty reachs its peak in the architectural complex dedicated to Saint Anthony, the cornerstone of the Sardinian pilgrimage. Visiting the complex during your holiday is a time of great spiritual recollection: the complex preserves the cumbesias, the small dwellings for the pilgrims, as well as examples of religious art represented by the square tower in Pisa style. If you like archeology, you can visit the sites Nuraghic S’ena and Thomes, or the famous Serra Orrios.

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