Orosei Coast

17 km of breathtaking coastline

In Orosei, the municipality to which it belongs Cala Liberotto, belong approximately 17 km of the coast, if the ideal is to do a trip from north to south, we can roughly outline the points of greatest beauty and appeal. To the North and the southernmost point is the village of Bidd'and Pink, it is protected from the Regional Inspectorate Forests, this small park there are five beaches that can be reached by sea, on foot and (by special permission) with the car. Within several acres of woods, ponds of big importance for the ecological and five caribbean-style beaches are the setting of the sea that has been made famous by the island of Sardinia. Continuing to the south are the beaches of SA CURCURICA, CALA GINEPRO, SA MATTANOSA, SA PRAMA 1 – 2, CORAL HARBOUR, CALA LIBEROTTO 1 – 2, MARZELLINU, SAS LINNAS SICCAS 1 – 2, AND FUILE the SEA is not less beautiful in earlier and more easily accessible to those who want to go to the beach without having to use the car.

La Costa - Agenzia Dessena
La Costa - Agenzia Dessena

Caribbean Beaches

These beaches are punctuated by granite rocks, between which, in the creeks that look to the south-east, are formed of small beaches from the “family”. Also in this area, the inevitable pineta offers of cool corners where they can shelter in the moments of greatest heat. From this point until you get to the beach of granite sand of SANTA MARIA, there are a series of basaltic rocks, sometimes overhanging at other times low with small pebble beaches, a destination well known in the area for fishing and diving, diving tours to an old wreck of Spanish provenience. Finally we arrive at the Marina di Orosei, from this point until you get to the beach CARTOE beach stretch over 7 km of the beach, for those who love the great outdoors. If you could see the entire (maybe from the top), the whole area would notice the distribution of some of these areas, in some of the beaches you will encounter those who love the great traffic of people, in others, instead, for those who like calm, relaxation or, why not, take a nap on the beach, under a warm sun, the melody and rhythm of the sea, the caresses of the breeze and........

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