Orosei: the country

Historical notes

The proximity to the sea and the fertile plains surrounding the fact that the area of OROSEI was inhabited, as evidenced by the remains of the more ancient settlements, already in the periods pre – nuragic, the written history of the village dates back instead to start from the century XXII d. C. An old settlement dating back to the early centuries d. C., which was called FANUM CARISI, or FANUM ORISI, was located about a mile north of the current location of the town, in the vicinity of the mouth of the river Cedrino where there was a small port. It was probably not a real port city, but the natural harbor and the relative mildness of the sea in that point of the Gulf, had made the landing-known for ships that wanted to trade with all the populations of the lower Barony.
The position of considerable economic importance had put OROSEI under the aims of the conquering peoples since that time, and until a few centuries ago (the same as the Saracens tried several times landing in these parts of the coast but were pushed back by the tenacity and courage of the indigenous peoples), to demonstrate this, the numerous churches of the historic centre, often with different style and age.
In the Judicial period OROSEI grew in importance as a commercial basis in the nearby village of Galtellì, the residence of the Court of judicature Of the Baronies. This is the period of greatest splendour of the country, in confirmation of this the numerous noble palaces built in this period.

Il Paese - Agenzia Dessena
Il Paese - Agenzia Dessena

The economy

In the past, thanks to the geological structure of the territory, was based mainly on farming and agriculture, with the advent of new technologies, the production has improved and now the country is known all over the island to the quantity and goodness of the fruits and vegetables that it produces throughout the year.
The last few decades the Tourism and the extraction of marble in the near Monte Tuttavista have created new jobs.
The first party is, shyly, in the years 75/80 with the construction of the first hotels, and is gradually growing with the facilities to support tourism (real Estate Agencies, farm houses, restaurants, bars etc). Now tourism creates about 50% of the country's economy, so the importance of the sector, the Town of OROSEI has taken steps to strengthen the local transport in the periods of tourists to the area, facilitating in this way, the visitation of all points of interest.
The extraction of the marble was born even before the holidays, with the first cave practically handmade. The marble extract is well-known in Italy and abroad for its quality, but the extract did not create enough jobs, so the marble is now working directly on-site. This all contributes to the economy of the country for a good 25%.

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